Tweet it, Bump it, Haiku it, Draw it

I give pairs of students a portion of the assigned reading (Weis is particularly good for this, as it’s already divided up into manageable chunks) when we arrive in class and ask them to synthesize and summarize it into one of a number of forms.


Tweet: Setting a 140-character limit per tweet, the students have to synthesize and summarize the work into 1-3 tweets. #creative and #funny #hashtags are #encouraged



Bump: The students use words and images to create a bumper sticker encapsulating the reading

Bump_Ban bags like cali






Though difficult to read in this photo, the bumper sticker says: To ban plastic bags, we must rally. Set an example, just like Cali!

Haiku: Students have to summarize the work in haiku form, 17 total syllables in three lines, following the structure: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables

coral reef haiku

Draw: Students use large paper and colored sharpies to draw an image that summarizes the reading.

draw_why is there concern?2016-06-21 09.57.43-2.jpg