What we found

This table provides information about all of the items the UHart student team found during four beach clean ups at Bluff Point State Park, Hammonasset Beach and Meig’s Point, Hammonasset in February and April of 2016


Description of category TOTAL PIECES
Hard plastic fragments including PVC pipe cutoffs and zip ties 326
Film plastic fragments including duct tape 176
Plastic cup pieces 135
Plastic food and drink items including plastic food wrappers, plastic beverage bottles, other plastic jugs or containers, and bottle or container caps 132
Smoking related items. Including cigar tips and cigarettes, lighters, cigarette packaging 129
Fishing related items including fishing lures and line and fishing pole pieces 126
Foam plastic fragments 100
Clothing, shoes, fabric pieces 51
Balloons and Balloon fragments 51
Glass fragments 46
Aluminum or tin cans 45
Rubber fragments 35
Plastic bags 33
Paper fragments or tissue 30
Metal fragments, including shotgun shell 29
Plastic or nylon or cotton rope 28
Home items including pens, flyswatter, clothesline, wire cage, money 28
Recreational materials including Frisbee and golf balls 24
Accessories including sunglasses, hair ties, lip gloss 22
Lumber/building materials 22
Plastic utensils and straws 16
Health and beauty items including band aids, comb, weave, epi pen, wrapped condoms, feminine hygiene products, 16
Children’s toys 7
Fiberglass materials 6
Pet-related items, including dog poop in plastic bags, dog bone 4
Asphalt and brick pieces 3
Aerosol cans 1
Large cable 1
TOTAL 1622