Talking Trash: The University of Hartford Marine Debris Project

Are you an educator (at any level, in any capacity) interested in the topic of marine debris?

This website is devoted to sharing materials needed to successfully teach a class on the topic.  All materials were developed through support from the NOAA Marine Debris Prevention through Education and Outreach Program.

Click through the pages to find what you need.

Learn about Marine Debris provides information about peer-reviewed literature, as well as links to videos and news stories on the web that can bring you up to speed on the issue.

The Course Materials page includes everything you need to teach the class: a social media guide, notes on teaching the class, syllabus for the class as a policy-focused undergraduate seminar (which you can use or alter as suits your purposes), a description of active teaching methods I use, and reading guides for the texts.

In Project Results you can see the policy brief we presented to state legislators and a brief description of what we found during collections in the spring of 2016. You can also follow the link to my ResearchGate page, which details the study about the class– where I measure students to better understand the impact of this course.


Finally, the Class Tumblr shows how my students analyzed and catalogued the debris we found in 2016.

Prefer not to click around a website? This material is also available as a handy pdf file which includes most of the information you’ll need to implement a marine debris course at your school.